Friday, July 29, 2016

What's Happening August 23rd?

What's happening August 23rd? Well a lot of things are happening. I'll let you be the judge as to what is the BIGGEST thing to happen on that day. 

Buttered Corn Day!

I know what you're thinking: another "national" day of ridiculousness. I'm with you. However, we're actually okay with this because a version of buttered corn is popcorn and we're a movie and there's no better way to spend movie time than with a bowl of buttery popcorn goodness.

Hug Your Sweetheart Day!

We can be down with this celebration, too. Cuddling with your loved-one over a movie and popcorn? This day is sounding better and better!

National Spongecake Day!

Hmm, more food. Spongecake. Who makes this stuff up?!

Ride the Wind Day!

Ninjas definitely ride the wind. How else do you think they sneak in and get their job done without invisible gusto? We can totally rock Ride the Wind Day.

Office Ninja on iTunes Day! 

Okay, fine. It's not a national day but it is a big deal day to us. Office Ninja will available on iTunes on August 23rd and that's a reason to celebrate! So grab your buttered popcorn, your sweetheart, some spongecake (I guess) and ride like the wind onto your couch to watch Tomas "handle" his co-workers with the ways of the Ninja. Mark your calendars now. Do it before your hands are a buttery mess.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Comic-Con Ninjas

In honor of San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, we searched for some of the best ninjas on Instagram for you. These are some hardcore cosplayers... or are they? We suspect a few of them might be actual ninjas...

A photo posted by ๐ŸฟThe Squirrel Vigilante๐Ÿฟ (@stunxx) on

This guy's ninja game is strong. Look at those eyes - I know we don't want to run into this guy on a dark street in this getup!

A photo posted by Quincy (@titansreaperking) on

This ninja is silent but very deadly. Great use of color, and the pose and location are awesome. We suspect this ninja wouldn't make a sound sneaking up behind you...


These are modern day ninjas, complete with some outstanding masks! This location is great too - it looks an awful lot like the 6th Street Bridge in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District. It's the perfect backdrop for these 21st century ninjas.


This white-haired ninja from last year's Anime Con looks like she could hypnotize you and then BAM - you're taken out. Love the pattern on the scarf, and the use of red in her costume. And the bracelets are a nice touch!


And finally, this urban ninja looks ready for battle - what a great sword and face mask. Also, we love the red mohawk. We suspect it'd be the last thing we'd see before the sword came down...

Tag us on Instagram with your favorite ninja cosplay pics @OfficeNinjaFilm and have fun at SDCC!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Olympic Ninjas

Who else is going to Rio to go for US gold? A few veterans and a few newbies but all are Olympic Ninjas in our comic book.

Michael Phelps - Men's Swimming - USA

Will this water ninja take an even bigger lead in the history books with his already insane standing as most medals by an Olympic athlete ever? Medals? 22. Gold? 18. No biggie. Catch Phelps swimming by us all as he competes in his fifth Olympics. And like the ninja he is, he isn't revealing which events he's swimming just yet.

Claressa Shields - Women's Boxing - USA

She's only lost once. Her record is a whopping 69-1. She's the only returning US boxer (male or female) in a team of Olympic newbies. Well, they have quite a role model to follow. Go T-Rex!

Ibtihaj Muhammad - Women's Saber / Fencing - USA

As the first US athlete to wear a hijab in an Olympic competition, Ibtahaj, is not only going to wow us with her saber skills but she'll make quite a statement by just being herself. She hopes to inspire not only Muslims but people of all races, genders and religions that they can reach their goals too through perseverance.

Kayla Harrison - Women's Judo - USA

Kayla was the first US athlete (male or female) to ever win Olympic Gold in Judo and she's coming back for more. Word on the street is the one to beat Rio is her rival Brazilian Mayra Aguiar. We won't miss this throw down. And of course, since this is a modern martial art we are even more excited to cheer on our Judoka!

Marti Malloy - Judo - USA

Also on the Judo front is Marti Malloy. Side note: she's the only US woman to beat Ronda Roussey in Judo. So not only is she an Olympic medalist returning to the ring but she's got quite a reputation. She was also the first female Judo Captain in college on a team of mostly males. She's breaking barriers and taking names.

Rio is going to be off the hook! Don't miss your chance to root for our ninjas.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Olympic Ninjas

Who are some of the USA Ninja Hopefuls for Rio 2016? We'll highlight our upcoming Olympic Athletes over the next few weeks. You can also find them all at TeamUSA. Let's take a look at some highlights:

Simone Biles - Women's Gymnastics - USA

When you have a floor routine named after you (the Biles) that looks like this - a full-twisting double layout, tucked double-double and double-layout with a half twist - well then I'm not going to doubt you're a ninja. She is the first woman in history to win three consecutive world all-around gold medals. We can't wait to see her compete in Rio!

Gabby Douglas - Women's Gymnastics - USA

Right behind Simone at the 2015 worlds was Gabby. Gabby is back to defend her Gold Medal win from 2012 in the All Around Team and in the All Around competition. Let's see if she can do it again! Have you seen her on the bars? Well it's a sight to see so don't miss it. 

Jordan Windle - Men's Diving - USA

Jordan Windle will attend his first Olympics this year on the dive team. 
His favorite dives are the 103B: a forward 1 ½ somersaults in the pike position and the 5253B: backward 2½ somersaults with 1½ twists. Whaaa? Also of note: Jordan's idle is Greg Louganis and Louganis is even mentoring the dive team for Rio 2016! Jordan's teammate David Boudia, defending gold medalist, is the one to beat. Will Jordan do it? This is going to be a fun one to watch!

Daryl Homer - Men's Saber Fencing - USA

After reading about fencing in the dictionary he convinced his mother to let him try it out. And here he is, about to enter his second Olympics in Fencing. Daryl is the first US man to win a medal in saber at the Senior World Championships in 2015. We've got our eye on Daryl and his saber!

Mariel Zagunis - Women's Saber Fencing - USA

Entering her fourth Olympics with two gold medals and one bronze, Mariel is a veteran and the most decorated US Fencer in history. In 2004 she became the first U.S. fencer to win an Olympic gold medal in 100 years. We bow down to you, Mariel.

Go Team USA! Office Ninja is cheering you all on from our humble cubicle back in the states.

Friday, July 1, 2016

How to Survive Work in the Summer

It's summertime, the hot sunny weather is calling to you, but you're stuck behind a white wall or a cubicle panel at work. Yeah, paying your bills is important, but who doesn't daydream about having the summer off to frolic in the pool or fall in love around a campfire? Here are some ways for you to survive the summer even from your desk.

Million-dollar View

Most offices don't have a million dollar view - especially if you're not the boss. But there is a way for you to create a view that you can enjoy. We recommend one of two things: put that expensive color printer to use and print a beautiful scene and secure it to the wall above your desk (don't damage the wall!). Or you can download a beautiful scene that you can make your computer desktop image and/or screensaver. Enhance this experience by also playing some soothing summertime sounds, atmospheric noises, or summertime music - cue steel drums and ocean waves! We recommend headphones so you don't upset your co-workers - those summer hating brown-nosers.

Work BBQ Pool Party

I don't know about you but the last thing I want to do is hang with my co-workers at a party outside of work... and if a pool is mentioned I will dive behind my desk. But then you hear that the party is on a Friday afternoon, during work hours, and you're expected to be there. Crap. Well here are some tips: Volunteer to bartend or serve food to avoid participating in games or pool related happenings. This may also keep any mingling to a minimum as you wave people through the food line, "Keep it moving, people!" The more responsibilities you have the less likely you'll be expected to don your bathing suit and play Marco Polo.

Desk Exercises

Sitting at a desk day in and day out keeps you, as our Fitbit would say, sedentary. Being sedentary is basically the beach bod killer. So how are you going to stay fit and healthy when everyone else (it's obvious by their Instagram feed) is sipping margaritas and working on their tan at the beach? Here are some simple tips and exercises you can do at work:

  • Sit at your desk properly
  • Adjust your monitor
  • Stretch
  • Magic Carpet Ride
  • Wooden Leg
  • Take the Stairs (two at a time!)
  • Get up and Walk (when you need to share information with co-workers)
For details on these exercises and others check out this Forbes article.

Summer Olympics Office Challenge

Our last suggestion will help keep people happy, healthy, inspire teamwork, and add a fun level of competition. First - get permission. Second - let the games begin!  Here are some ways to plan a Summer Olympics Office Challenge. Split the office up into two teams and create events that your office will find fun! Maybe host one event per day for a week and give points for the winning team:

  • Office Chair Relay - create a course for people to race their office chairs
  • Paper Wad Basket - each person has 10 wads of paper and the team that makes the most in the basket wins
  • Finger Skating - You can use a site like Typing Test to see who can type the fastest and most accurate *Great for remote workers or workers who can't participate in the more physically demanding competitions
  • Steady Hand Race - as fast as you can, make your way up two flights of stares carrying a mug of water without spilling
  • Chili Cook-off / Closing Ceremonies - who can make the best chili? Have a third-party judge  - winner's team gets points.
Remember to have an award for the winning team! Go Team Ninja!

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