Friday, May 13, 2016

Ninjas of the Week

Hey, guys! It's time to highlight some of the best ninjas out in the world this week - people who exemplify the qualities of being a ninja. Let's get started!


Rocky Balboa himself is bringing a ninja-style show to Netflix - Ultimate Beastmaster. The Ninja Warrior-esque show will pit 108 competitors from the U.S., Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Germany and Japan (18 from each country) against one another. We think this might be the best ninja training ground in 2016!


After they were discriminated against and not allowed to draw water from the local well, Bapurao Tajne in Kalambeshwar village, India, decided to take matters into his own hands - literally. Choosing a spot instinctively, he spent 6 hours a day digging his own well, and struck water! The well now provides enough water for the entire village. Way to go, Bapurao!


Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, Scotland, 24-year-old Robert Aitken, a fast food worker, decided to take the homeless problem head on. Last week, he bought 60 burgers out of his own paycheck and passed them out to the homeless on the streets of Edinburgh. He's also trying to raise money through JustGiving, and he plans on continuing buying and passing out food.


We don't know about you guys, but when us here at Office Ninja Central were 20 years old, we were thinking about beer bongs and frat parties. But in Mumbai, 20-year-old Ayesha Aziz is about to become one of the youngest pilots in India. She started flying when she was 16, and she's completed 120 of the 200 hours of flying needed to get her pilot's license. That's what sets a ninja apart from the rest of us - laser focus, determination, and wings!


Our Ninja of the Week this week was a close friend to us here at Office Ninja. Carter Mason was an actor, businessman, and helped usher in the age of web and digital series as both a content creator and distributor with his platform JSTV. Carter beat colon cancer last year, but lost the battle this week when the cancer came back. We'll always remember Carter's positive attitude, infectious laughter, and he was always there with a hug when you needed one. We salute you, Carter Mason. If you'd like to learn more about cancer research and donate, check out this link.

See you guys next week! Until then - keep your robe tight, your nunchucks loose, and your pants on. Please. We're looking at you, Jett.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Best Gifts for Your Boss

Let's get real - no one really likes their boss. I mean, we tolerate them. Barely. But even bosses have feelings - not ours, but we're sure yours does - and you should celebrate their existence with a gift. It could be worse - your boss could leave and you could get a WORSE boss.

Again, not us - our boss is so very horrible.

We wanted to give you a few gift ideas for your boss, something that shows her/him how much you care!


What's the best way to tell your boss they stink, while at the same time offering a solution? Deodorant! It doesn't matter what kind, just something to help the stench they leave when they walk by your cubicle. As an alternative, you can always hang a car air freshener around their neck.


Does your boss give you a weird look when you tell them their new clothes "slay"? Or do you get question marks back when you message your boss "FYI" or "ICYMI"? Get them an Urban Dictionary and never have that problem again! Just be aware that they're now going to know what you're saying when you message them "GFY"...

3. [A] CLUE

We're sure your boss is an idiot. So when you buy them a copy of this game, they'll probably think "Wow, my employee really likes me - she/he bought me this awesome game!" In reality, you and the rest of your coworkers will be snickering and get the joke.


If your boss' breath is anything like ours, it smells like an elephant died 3 weeks ago in the hot sun after ingesting 20 pounds of fermented garlic. Slide a box (or a case) of these across the desk to them. We guarantee it'll help keep your own lunch down every afternoon.


Send your boss on a trip - out of the country! We suggest a cruise in Somalia, or a sightseeing tour of cannibal tribes in the Amazon. Also, just buy a one way ticket and photocopy it so it looks like two. Not only will that save money, once your boss is gone and you cancel all her/his credit cards, chances are they won't be coming back for a long, long time.