Saturday, July 23, 2016

Comic-Con Ninjas

In honor of San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, we searched for some of the best ninjas on Instagram for you. These are some hardcore cosplayers... or are they? We suspect a few of them might be actual ninjas...

A photo posted by ๐ŸฟThe Squirrel Vigilante๐Ÿฟ (@stunxx) on

This guy's ninja game is strong. Look at those eyes - I know we don't want to run into this guy on a dark street in this getup!

A photo posted by Quincy (@titansreaperking) on

This ninja is silent but very deadly. Great use of color, and the pose and location are awesome. We suspect this ninja wouldn't make a sound sneaking up behind you...


These are modern day ninjas, complete with some outstanding masks! This location is great too - it looks an awful lot like the 6th Street Bridge in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District. It's the perfect backdrop for these 21st century ninjas.


This white-haired ninja from last year's Anime Con looks like she could hypnotize you and then BAM - you're taken out. Love the pattern on the scarf, and the use of red in her costume. And the bracelets are a nice touch!


And finally, this urban ninja looks ready for battle - what a great sword and face mask. Also, we love the red mohawk. We suspect it'd be the last thing we'd see before the sword came down...

Tag us on Instagram with your favorite ninja cosplay pics @OfficeNinjaFilm and have fun at SDCC!