Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Office Weapons Fit for a Ninja

So, you work in an office. Maybe there are a handful of employees you don't quite get along with (Jett *cough*). Maybe there's one or two that make you wish you had an office-sanctioned, rubber band crossbow to put them in their place (DB *cough cough*)

Well, wait no longer.

We at Office Ninja feel your pain. Everyone has a Jett in their office, and we want to help you put yours in his/her place. We've compiled a list of sites and videos that will help you create an office arsenal!


The awesome people at Man Made DIY have come up with instructions for the perfect rubber band gun - double barrel style! You may not even have to leave your desk to make this one. Make sure to aim for the butt with this puppy!

Because if you put out an eye, you might get fired or something.


Has all out warfare broken out in your office? The people of Happy Worker have got you covered with a variety of methods to take your office supplies to the next level. With weapons like the Impromptu Laser Pointer Gun and Work-2-Ruler Bow & Arrow, you'll be the General of the winning faction!


The name of the site pretty much says it all. Office Guns takes the seemingly harmless binder clip and turns it into an implement of destruction. Learn how to make five different weapons out of this unassuming object. Guaranteed to make your next conference table meeting one no one will ever forget.


Instructables has your back when it comes to office weaponry. Trebuchets, a blowgun, a liquid fuel rocket and the legendary office supply crossbow (Wha!?) to name just a few - all with easy to follow videos! It's the fastest way to arm your colleagues against the dreaded Accounting Department Vikings! Just keep an eye out for the Human Resource Raiders...

Speaking of which. Don't try this at home. Or at the office. We take no responsibility for what you do. *Fires office gun*