Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Office Tips for Spring Cleaning

Despite the current weather here in Southern California (heat wave, anyone?), it's spring, and you know what that means. No, I'm not talking about animals getting down with each other. It's time for spring cleaning!

No one likes to clean. Well, I suppose weird people do. But most of us don't. And when it comes to your office, we REALLY don't want to clean (and who has time for that anyway?!). But every so often, it's good to get rid of those dust bunnies and fish that old sandwich out from behind the desk that fell back there six months ago. We've got a few tips in case you need some motivation - or a way to prolong the inevitable.


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As you progress through the year, your desk accumulates more and more crap. Paperwork you have no intention of finishing, your collection of action figures from all those superhero movies, 12 different coffee cups, each in a different stage of mold. Spring is a great time to get rid of all this stuff, and start over with a clean desk, which leaves room for new paperwork, and that Star Wars scene you've been dying to set up with your new Rey action figure. And make sure you clean out your drawers too, there's bound to be stuff in there you no longer use or need, and it's the perfect opportunity to take stock of things you're out of. You know, because you took half of the items home for your own desk...


Your computer gets cluttered too. There are plenty of files on there you no longer need, things you can move to an external disc, emails from your boss you can archive, and (if you're Jett) there might be some *ahem* NSFW photos you might want to get rid of. Using a program like CCleaner helps you get rid of the junk that slows your computer down, and a clean computer is a happy computer.


Yeah, we know. The breakroom shouldn't be your responsibility. After all, why should you have to clean up after Steve from accounting, or Paula from Human Resources? But this might be a good time to check the fridge and freezer for your own forgotten food items. Remember that cottage cheese you bought when you were on that health kick? Or the potato salad you got last summer and meant to eat? If everyone in the office claims their own undead items, we'll bet the shelves will be empty again, and ready for your mother-in-law's tuna casserole that she insisted you take to work.


Once you've cleaned out your desk, you should give your cubicle a once over. I'm sure the dirt that's accumulated in the corners and behind the desk would fill the Grand Canyon. And do you really need 17 photos of Melissa Benoist as Supergirl pinned to the wall (I hear ya)? Removing the clutter and dirt from your personal space at work can do wonders for your productivity, and might even get you promoted (no promises though)!


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This one is the most important. Spring is a good time to let go of all the things you've been carrying around in your brain. That promotion that snuck past you. The time Sally from Marketing made you look bad at that meeting (you weren't sleeping, just imagining what she was describing!). You need to let it all go and start fresh. It doesn't do you any good to hold grudges or worry about things that have already happened. Learn and move forward.

Unless it's something Jett did. Then you should totally plot your ninja revenge.